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Superior Customer Service at Roxboro St., Durham

Our team at 3477 N. Roxboro Street in Durham, North Carolina 27704 does not fall short on their customer service. Frank and his team strive to make every part of the storage process, from move-in to move-out, as easy as possible for their customers. They are thoroughly trained to answer every question you have and […]

Employee Spotlight: Lauren J. from Roxboro Street, Durham

We are back to shine the spotlight on our very own, Lauren J., from our 3447 N. Roxboro Street, Durham, NC 27704. Lauren has worked for our company for over five years but transitioned to this location soon after it opened in March 2020 and only recently came on full-time. She loves working with the […]

Employee Spotlight: Lisa B.

This month, we would like to shine the spotlight on our Online Marketing Director, Lisa B., who just celebrated her 11th anniversary with the company. Lisa’s primary responsibility is to make sure the Mini Price Storage locations are easily found on the web. This involves staying on top of the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) […]