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Packing Up the Holidays

As the holidays come to a close, so begins the process of packing up. There can be so many seasonal decorations that it will seem overwhelming but if you chunk it out into smaller parts, it will take no time at all. With the proper procedure, your house can be cleared in no time! Remove […]

Kwanzaa Begins!

Happy Kwanzaa! We hope your Kwanzaa is filled with joy and prosperity.

Holiday Storage Made Easy

The holidays bring so much cheer to your house by way of holiday lights, decorated trees, and small village displays. You want to make sure these decorations are kept in good condition and stored safely in your space. Here are some popular items that can help you save your holiday items while saving on storage […]

Best Holiday Lights To See in North Carolina

Holiday lights are the perfect way to kick off the season make the winter days feel a little warmer. We have the best lights in the Triad and the Triangle for our customers! Winter Wonderland (Greensboro) These lights are housed at the Greensboro Science Center. Certain days feature an on-site Santa Clause and live music […]