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No Contact Rental Reminder

We have adapted to the pandemic for the past year and carried out our No Contact Rental process. This process has reinforced our continued prioritization of our customer’s and our staff’s safety. Our No Contact Rental process actively reduces person-to-person interactions by offering contactless payment options, contact-free move-in processes, and increased cleaning schedules. Read more […]

Holiday Cards for Brookdale Durham

Since March, many senior citizens in assisted living facilities and nursing homes have not seen their loved ones on account of social restrictions due to COVID-19. Our team at 3447 N Roxboro St., Durham, NC 27704, partnered with the neighboring assisted living facility, Brookdale Durham, to provide some joy and encouragement for those residents who […]

We Offer Online Tours for Your Convenience!

If you have ever looked for storage, you know how important taking a tour of a facility can be. As schools open and schedules get busier, it isn’t always practical to go to every storage center in your area to take a look. That is why we offer an online tour to show you everything […]

No Contact Rentals at Durham Facility

As North Carolina heads into phase 3 of reopening next week, our Durham location will continue to follow our COVID-19 plan. Earlier this year, we detailed our No Contact Rental process, which we are practicing today. This process allows our customers to rent while reducing person-to-person interactions. They can rent a unit either over the phone […]

March for Babies

The annual March for Dimes’ March for Babies event goes virtual this year with their new name, Step Up!. This event is held in 1,100 US communities and has raised over $2 billion since 1970 to fundraise for premature babies, birth defects, and infant mortality. Step Up! will fundraise for several resources including but not […]

No Contact Payments

As long as our doors remain open, we will continue to prioritize the safety of everyone who chooses to store with us.  Our No Contact Rental process serves to reduce in-person interactions as deemed essential by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in order to stop the spread of COVID-19.  This new No Contact Rental […]

Now Offering No Contact Rental!

After consulting with the newest Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, we have put the safety of our customers and employees first with our new No Contact Rental process. The CDC recommends we clean shared surfaces completely and limit person-to-person interaction to slow the curve and stop the spread of COVID-19. Our No Contact Rental […]

Mental Health Greensboro Offers Facebook Services to Everyone

As we head deeper into a quarantine, there will be higher rates of depression among other kinds of mental illnesses. Mental Health Greensboro wants to reach those negatively affected by this new way of life. The Executive Director of Mental Health Greensboro told WXII 12 that they will be relying on telemedicine methods to serve […]

We Are Open With No Contact Rental!

We Are Open With No Contact Rental! Right Fit Storage is classified as an essential business; therefore, we are here to serve you! We are closely monitoring updates from our state officials, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO) to make changes to our daily practices in order to prioritize […]