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Heated and Cooled Units Are Best for the Winter

As temperatures drop, our customers enjoy the fact that we have offer free heating and cooling at all of our storage facilities. Our facilities have heated and cooled units because all customers deserve the ability to store items within a range to limit extreme temperature variations. At Right Fit, Storage, there is no extra charge […]

Why You Should Choose Right Fit Storage

At Right Fit Storage, we offer the best bang for your buck, we give back to the communities that built us, and we are always here to help you! We offer our customers the BEST amenities! Our amenities include our FREE move-in trucks. These trucks are thoroughly cleaned after every use and are used to […]

We Have the Best Storage Units!

We are dedicated to providing the best self-storage experience for our customers! We provide affordable units that are clean and functional. Our units come in various sizes ranging from 4×5 to 10×30, to fit everyone’s needs! If you are unsure of what size you need, take a look at our STORAGE SIZE GUIDE to see […]

We Offer Free Moving Dollies

Our spacious facilities allow for quick and easy access to your unit. We also provide this help by way of easy transportation via our free dollies and spacious elevators. There are several dollies lined by the entrance doors for easy access. Convenient use of these dollies is the key to a successful storage move-in day. […]