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Add Storage To Your Bedroom

Are you living out of a stuffed-up small bedroom? Want to add storage space to your favorite room? Here are some of our favorite ideas to add storage without taking up space. Rethink Your Closet Your closet holds more space than you know. Do you have any shelves? Use baskets to hold smaller, lighter items […]

Quick Fixes To the Three Biggest Problem Areas in Your House

We all have areas in our homes that end up becoming a dumping ground and therefore unusable. There are small steps you can do now to fix these spaces quickly and keep them operable and orderly. Here are some quick tips for three problem areas in your home! Crowded Kitchen Drawers We all have at […]

Best Organization Podcasts To Tune Into

As the new year sets in, getting organized has become one of the most popular new year’s resolutions. Organization is easy with today’s podcasts. Put your headphones on or plug in the aux and learn the best tips from industry experts. The Minimalist Podcast Minimalism has taken over as the most popular method to declutter, […]

We Are the Right Fit for Small Businesses

Small businesses come with lots of paperwork and materials that can build up over time. A cluttered space can get in your way without the proper infrastructure to hold your things. It does not matter whether you are working out of a home office or designated office space, Right Fit Storage can help you! We […]

How to Organize Your Refrigerator

Having an organized refrigerator can complete an organized house. When you open the doors to reveal clean shelves and neatly sorted foods, you can pull a great meal together. It might seem intimidating, but with the right tools, your fridge will be clean just a few hours. Here are the best steps to cleaning your […]

Organize Your Pet Supplies!

Getting a pet is a wonderful thing to add to your home! You get love and companionship but you also get small toys thrown all over the floors of your home and dozens of items stuffed into drawers causing more disorganization in your home. To make sure you still have control over your space, check […]

Organize Your Wires

Tangled wires and cords can be the most unsightly materials in your house.  They can even cause serious walking and electricity hazards if left unorganized.  Here are some simple tips to keep your wires safe and out of sight. Start with unplugged cords to make it easier to move the power strip around. Using nails […]