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Home Renovation Projects to Sell Your House

Consider a home renovation if you are selling your home and having trouble getting it off the market. These projects could take your home to the next level and get you a better offer. Here are some of the best ideas to sell your house fast! Entry Door Update Curb appeal is enormous, and the […]

Hidden Room Placement Ideas

Are you looking to take your house to the next level? Hidden doors aren’t just for secret spies and elaborate castles. Any room can be hidden if you know where to look. These private entryways will inspire wonder when guests walk through the door and make for a great conversation piece. These rooms are hard […]

Garage Sale Tips

Now that it is getting warmer, you may be thinking of having your garage sale. Garage sales are a great way to get rid of some rarely used items while making extra cash. But, before you start posting signs around town, develop a plan to make your garage sale successful. We have some of the […]

Spring Cleaning How To

Spring is finally here! The sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and that means it is time to give your home a nice refresh as the warm weather comes in. Take this weekend to check everything off your cleaning checklist that you have been avoiding and avoid more significant problems down the road. Unsure […]

Organize Your Houseplants For Spring

It is springtime, so it is the perfect time to bring more plants into your home. Decorating your home with houseplants has many benefits. They produce extra oxygen, help reduce stress, and even make a big difference in your productivity when they are around your workspace. But do you want a collection of your own […]

Baby Keepsakes: How to Store

Are your kids outgrowing their blankies and binkies? While many may throw away these precious mementos, they don’t realize these items can last a lifetime. The little clothes your little ones wore can be worn by their little ones and even their little ones’ little ones. You can even use them sooner as siblings and […]

Tiny House Living: Our Favorite Storage Tips

Are you considering joining the tiny-house movement? It may seem like your current home can barely contain everything you need, and a tiny house could never house what you need. Did you know that tiny homes come equipped with their own storage innovations? As long as you know where to look, it can be pretty […]

Mug Collection Display Options

Mugs are one of those things that we can’t get enough of! When every trip and special occasion can be commemorated with a personalized mugEveryone can agree that mugs are one thing that you can never have too much of. So what do you do when your favorites are being crammed into a cupboard that […]

Home Staging for Beginner Stagers

If you are selling your home and you want to get the best offer, consider home staging! Home staging takes your home to the next level by appealing to the masses. With highly interested buyers, you get higher bids to weigh. Home stage your place right, and it will sell in no time. Here are […]

Style Your Home in 3 Popular Trends

Are you stylistically impaired, finding a new style for your home, or simply interested in interior design? We have you covered with three of the most popular interior design styles! Minimalism We have to mention minimalism as it has become a widely popular global trend. With a decline in materialism among the millennials, tighter pandemic […]