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Desk Storage Upgrades To Make Now

It can be challenging to stay organized at work. So many people find their papers scattered around or stacked with magazines and other important documents, making it difficult to see what they need at a moment’s notice. Get your office in order with these easy desk storage and organization tips. Strategize With Your Dominant Hand […]

Help Your Family Adjust for a Big Move

Are you planning to move to a new area but aren’t sure how your family will take it? This transition is very exciting for your family, but your kids may not always see it that way. Fortunately, there are ways to comfort your child and get them to see things from a positive perspective. Here […]

Fill that Bus! Campaign With C2C

Consider picking up a few extra supplies as you start shopping for school supplies. Teachers spend an average of $750 out-of-pocket on classroom supplies every year. Additionally, 94% of U.S. teachers spend money on their student’s behalf. Crayons2Calculators is solving this problem in Durham with their Fill that Bus! Campaign. This effort is a community-wide […]

Seating in Your Yard For Connection

Your backyard is where people hang out away from the rest of the world: backyard barbeques, pool parties, hot tub parties, and fire pit s’mores-making sessions. Fostering areas for connection through seating is essential to getting the most out of your backyard. Here are some ideas to spark some inspiration to step up the appeal […]

Cloud Couch: What Is Right For You?

Living rooms are centered around the couch. Despite what many think, the couch offers the most opportunities to connect. Everyone gathers to watch TV, talk, play games, or share their favorite TikToks with those they love. Many people rearranged their living rooms once TikTok broke the news about the comfiest couch. Find out what you […]

Donate to Educate with the GCM

The Greensboro Children’s Museum (GCM) is holding its first-ever “Donate to Educate” school supply drive. Now through August 11, they are asking families to bring items as they visit their museum. Back-to-school spending has increased dramatically for families with children in elementary through high school. The National Retail Federation found that families with children will […]

Welcome Baby Giving Closet Restock

Our 3447 North Roxboro Street team in Durham, North Carolina, supported the Welcome Baby Resource Center. We volunteered in their Giving Closet, where Durham County residents can receive infant, toddler, children, and maternity clothing. The closet also provides baby equipment and accessories to help single moms. This resource and others that Welcome Baby offers strengthen […]

MeaningFULL Food Drive Results Thank You!

The United Way of Greater Greensboro and Backpack Beginnings MeaningFULL Meals Summer Food Drive has officially concluded, and we want to thank everyone who made a difference! In only a couple of weeks, we were able to donate 50 pounds! This MeaningFULL Meals donation would not have been possible without the gracious help of our […]

In-Law Suite: Is It Right For Your Home?

Are you considering adding a living space for your elderly parents on your property? Or, are you looking for a way to boost your property value as you sell your home? In-law suites are growing in popularity among potential buyers and multi-generation households. Here is what to weigh when considering adding an in-law suite. What […]

Work Travels? Here Is What To Do With Your Home

Many may find themselves traveling for weeks to months at a time for work. If this is you, you may not want to pay two monthly rents if you are not using each. Here are some options for renters and homeowners so you can ease the costs of work travels. Renters There are two viable […]