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North Carolina’s Best Storage Solution


Total Solar Eclipse 2024

With the total solar eclipse just around the corner, excitement is building as people across the country gear up to witness this rare phenomenon on Monday, April 8th. While North Carolina won’t experience the full totality, we’re still in for an impressive display. In the Greensboro and Durham areas, where our stores are located, we […]

Climate Controlled Self Storage: Elevating Your Storage Experience

The demand for storage solutions has never been more evident. Whether you’re transitioning homes, decluttering, or simply seeking a secure space for your belongings, self storage units offer a convenient solution. However, not all storage facilities are created equal. That’s where climate controlled self storage steps in, providing unparalleled convenience by offering optimal conditions for […]

Happy President’s Day!

“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” —John F. Kennedy Happy President’s Day! #HappyPresidentsDay #PresidentsDay2024 #rightfitstorage #rightfit #rfs #storage #selfstorage #storageunit #selfstoragefacility #selfstoragenearme

Happy Valentine’s Day! Copy

Today’s the perfect day to let you know how much you’re appreciated! Thank you for being a loyal customer. Happy Valentine’s Day! #happyvalentinesday #valentinesday2024 #rightfitstorage #rightfit #rfs #storage #selfstorage #selfstoragenearme

We’ve Got Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for You! Self Storage Saves the Day!

If you are still on the hunt for the perfect gift for your sweetheart, you might be considering the usual suspects, like flowers and chocolates. However, this year, why not break away from tradition? Instead of another material possession, think about offering the gift of space and organization through self-storage. While it might not be […]

Free Climate Control All Year Long!

All Right Fit Storage locations offer FREE climate control all year long! Mother Nature can’t be controlled, but your storage unit’s conditions can. Your items should be stored within a temperature range to minimize extreme temperature fluctuations. So come in from the cold and take advantage of our 50% Off Winter Storage Special and FREE […]

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day! We remember his life and legacy today. #MartinLutherKingJr #MLKDay #RememberingMLK #mlkday2024

Happy Kwanzaa!

May each day of Kwanzaa bring joy to you and your family. #kwanzaa #kwanzaa2023 #happykwanzaa #rightfitstorage #rightfit #rfs #storage #selfstorage #selfstoragefacility #selfstoragenearme

The Perfect Eleventh-Hour Holiday Gift Ideas to Rescue!

The holiday season is upon us, and while some individuals are meticulous planners, starting their shopping in July, others may find themselves in a last-minute gift-giving rush. If you fall into the latter category, worry not! We’ve got you covered with a selection of thoughtful eleventh-hour holiday gift ideas guaranteed to bring joy to your […]

Right Fit Storage Donates to Help Feed Families in Durham

In Durham, North Carolina, more than 78,000 individuals reside in households facing food insecurity. Of this population, over 24,000 are children, and over 25,000 are seniors living at or below the poverty line. Particularly during this time of year, when many gather to celebrate and share meals, these individuals face heightened challenges. Our team, based […]