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Transitioning from Summer to Fall: Six Tips for Organizing Your Space

Organizing Tips for Fall

As we approach the end of summer, it’s a prime time to assess your home’s space and prepare it for the upcoming fall and holiday seasons. The following organizing strategies will assist you in conquering clutter as summer makes way for the fall.

Declutter Key Areas:
From the laundry room to mudrooms, kitchens to living rooms, simplify and declutter major spaces. Incorporate effective storage solutions such as baskets and storage ottomans for stashing pillows and blankets, ideal for easy access on the impending chilly days.

Establish a Back-to-School Zone:
With school back in session, set up a designated space in your entryway for each child. This area can house backpacks, coats, shoes, and other essentials, preventing a daily accumulation of mess in their rooms.

Revamp Your Closets:
Free up space by cleaning out your closets, creating room for new fall wardrobe additions. Also, declutter your linen closet, discarding unused blankets and sheets. The fall season’s arrival is a perfect opportunity to donate blankets, coats, boots, and shoes to those in need, ensuring warmth for the approaching winter.

Store Summer and Spring Décor:
Gather your lingering summer and spring items and organize them for storage. Find a suitable spot in a closet, attic, or garage, and label the storage containers for easy retrieval come springtime.

Tackle the Garage:
Take advantage of the pleasant fall weather to clean and organize your garage. Declutter the space and arrange seasonal items. Make accessible space for fall and Christmas decorations, streamlining your decorating process.

Prep the Outdoor Area:
As autumn sets in, begin storing outdoor furniture, hoses, and sprinkler parts. Safeguard these items from winter’s harsh conditions by tidying up your outdoor space.

By following these summer-to-fall organizing tips, you can navigate the hectic transition period with a clutter-free and serene home environment. The gratification of stepping into an orderly dwelling is unparalleled.

For those seeking additional space, consider renting a self-storage unit. Self-storage presents an effective solution for optimizing closet space, decluttering, and housing long-term belongings. Although seemingly minor, this choice can significantly enhance your family’s living area. At Right Fit Storage, we recognize the value and sentiment attached to your possessions. Utilizing top-tier security systems and free climate control, Right Fit Storage stands out from the rest. Explore one of our storage facilities near you by taking a tour today!

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