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Flex Room: How to Create One

flex room

Do you have a room with no clear purpose? Ever since the pandemic, our lives and spaces have become more complicated. You may have a dining room that doubles as a home office or a home gym that is also a guest room. While many people live in homes with undefined rooms, it can look too messy and confusing for others to operate in. That is where a “flex room” comes in handy. Learn more about these rooms and how you can create your own.

What is a flex room?

Flex rooms are the multipurpose area of our home. It can be the whole room or just a space in your house. The beauty of the flex space is that the purpose can remain flexible with your needs. If you get into a new hobby or have a baby, you can use this area to serve those needs.

How do you design one?

Designing a flex room will depend entirely on your needs as they evolve. Depending on where you are in life and your interests, you can showcase your wine collection or install a playroom for your kids. Think outside the room’s intended purpose and lead with your long-term needs. Don’t get hung up on what your space should be, and take this opportunity to make it your own. 

What are the best practices?

There are little rules that will fit all flex rooms. However, some rules fit most. Here are some practices you can follow:

  • Prepare for storage with your furniture. Creating a flex room will involve bringing more items into the room. These items should be clear in your space. Choose furniture that includes multiple purposes. Ottomans that open up more for storage options and tables with extendable leaves leave more room to walk around in. Even nesting furniture that stacks onto each other is a great option to maximize the space you have when you are not using it.
  • Compartmentalize the space if you can. Optimize your multi-function flex room by separating the area by those functions. You can host various hobbies in this space or fit a home office in with your workout space. Use different corners to section these activities off into their areas. Place physical barriers for added privacy if this is a shared space. Use rugs and accent walls to reset these spaces for your family.
  • Make it your own! Use this space to reflect your personality and suit your style. This room is your chance to explore.

What if the room is too crowded?

Your flex room can organize your home and aid your lifestyle. Depending on the size of your space, you may need this flex room to compensate for the lack of space. However, you may need another storage solution if you are tripping over yourself to fit everything in. Self storage is a great way to make this the flex room of your dreams. At Right Fit Storage, we are committed to bringing you the best experience so that you can store with confidence. Our amenities, like our free move-in trucks and discounted wall of moving supplies, create a convenient move-in day for our customers. Check out a location near you to see how great your home can become.

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