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Closet Organization With These Tips


The temperatures are cooling off, and the wind is picking up. The arrival of the fall season means one thing: it is time to redo your closet! Replace your summer staples with your fall necessities. Here are some great ways to get your clothes organized and ready to wear.

Rethink Your Space

There are many areas of your closet that are not being underutilized. Your shelves should have clearly defined categories. Use a clear shelf divider to separate your clothes by their type for functionality or color for aesthetics. Don’t leave your shoes in a pile on the floor. Hang a shoe organizer over your door or invest in a shoe rack to keep them on one level. You can use a tension rod to create a second row for your bulky clothing. By clearing space on the floor, you can use the negative space for thick jackets or sweaters that make looking through your closet hard.

Practice Your Fold

Fall and winter sweaters are so bulky and often should be folded. The hanger stretches the fibers and misshapes the fabric. Folding these woven items in the winter should be standard practice. Decide which method you want to do, and your sweaters should fit perfectly. The Spruce demonstrates a few ways to choose.

Clear Your Stash

The best tip when organizing your closet is to clear it. As you take down your summer clothes, only pack away the items you wore this season and enjoyed wearing. As you hang and fold your cold-weather items, do not make space for anything out of style or ill-fitting. This method will clear space in the closet for items you use much more often. After organizing which clothes to keep, go through which ones did not make the cut. If you do not want to hold onto all of your clothes, you may like to donate them to a thrift store if you do not like wearing them. Storage is an excellent option if you think you will wear those items again.

Speaking of storage, if you don’t have a space for these boxes, self storage may be the best choice for you! Don’t trip over clothes all season long. Free the clutter by getting your clothes out of the house and into a secure self storage unit. At Right Fit Storage, our free heated and cooled units help protect items in the cold weather. Our storage experts are ready to help you! Check out a location near you or give us a call at 1-833-891-9274.

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