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Beach Accessories Storage

beach accessories

Fall is just around the corner, and summer adventures are about to end. So it is time to think about what to do with your favorite beach accessories. Instead of haphazardly cramming them into a space you will forget about, try some of our tips for a great summer 2023!

Floating Toys

You must rinse floating tubes, beach balls, and other inflatable beach accessories with a hose to get all the sand and salt off. After the toys have been cleaned, deflate each and lay them in the sun to dry them out when you are done using them for the season.

Rolling Things

Anything that rolls through the sand will need some extra attention. These can get sand stuck in the wheels, damaging them over time. Read the instructions when you have taken your beach wagon out for its last season ride. Clean it as directed. Apply any advised oil to help the wheels turn smoothly. If you can take the wheels off the wagon, do so with care. Create more storage space if your buggy can fold down.

Beach Chairs

Beach chairs are infamous for cultivating mildew. The humidity and sand can build up over the season to produce an awful smell you don’t want to grow. To fight back, you can use many household ingredients; white distilled vinegar, ammonia, baking soda, and even lemon juice can all be beneficial. Try this procedure here.


When you have everything dry and prepped, you are ready to store! Choose a place away from the sun to avoid fading the colors on your favorite beach items. The garage and attic are popular locations to store these items in the house. Self storage units are also an excellent choice for those wanting to get summer accessories out of their home. Right Fit Storage provides free heating and cooling at no extra cost. This amenity will be helpful to combat the winter temperature drop. Check out a location near you to see how we can help you transition into fall!

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