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Storing Your Things While Renting Out Your Home


Are you renting your home this season? Many rent their home as a vacation or short-term rentals. If you have never done this, you may be unsure where to keep your things. We have the best places to stow items away.

Buy a Home Safe

Home safes are a great way to protect your items and keep them in one place. You can choose various sizes, from wall safes to small deposit boxes. Consider this hidden home safe that will add some sophistication to your furniture pieces. (LINK as no-follow https://hiddensafe.com/) Keep the key with you or in a second location for some extra security.

Opt for an Owner’s Closet

If you want something a bit more permanent and can hold more oversized items, an owner’s closet is a great solution. These closets were built to store vacuums, tools, personal items, and other items you may need to take out between renters. As long as you lock the door when guests rent, they should be unbothered.

Use the Basement or Attic

Sometimes the most straightforward solutions are the best. These might be your best option if you have an attic or unused basement. You can lock them up after security. However, you may need to watch out for your temperature-sensitive items susceptible to the summer heat.

Try Self Storage

Self Storage is a great way to get your things out of the house and out of your way when you don’t need them. Right Fit Storage offers additional security with top-notch locks, cameras around the property, and controlled access. Our free heating and cooling help offset the harmful effects of the hot, humid summer. Use our storage guide to see which size is right for you!

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