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Spring Cleaning How To

spring cleaning

Spring is finally here! The sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and that means it is time to give your home a nice refresh as the warm weather comes in. Take this weekend to check everything off your cleaning checklist that you have been avoiding and avoid more significant problems down the road. Unsure where to start? We have all the places to spring cleaning so you probably forget about to make your home look cheery as your front yard!

Rethink Your Bed

Sure, you wash your duvet cover sheets and pillowcases regularly, but what about the other parts of your bed? First, throw your comforter, pillows, and blankets in the wash to give it that fresh feeling you’ve been looking for this season. Then, while your bedding gets a deeper wash, don’t forget about your mattress. Many know this is an excellent opportunity to give your mattress a good sprinkle of baking soda and let it sit. Next, vacuum slowly with the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner, and then use the crevice tool for the seams of the mattress. Lastly, don’t forget about the opposite side!

Dust Uncommon Surfaces

Springtime is the worst time for those with allergies. Help yourself by getting rid of the triggers within your own home. Plenty of surfaces collect dust that is largely ignored throughout the year. For example, your curtains contain high amounts of dust, which is the perfect time to clean them out. Read their care instructions to either launder or vacuum the dust away. Other commonly ignored surfaces include window blinds, shutters, or shades. Ceiling fans, baseboards, and the top of door frames also collect dust. Take your favorite microfiber duster, damp dust rag, or even a handy lint roller to get these surfaces dust-free.

Clean Patio Furniture

As the temperatures rise, you will want to sit outside. Take this time to get your furniture ready for guests. Water with dish soap is great to wipe down your furniture. Rinse this combination away with a garden hose to eliminate the remaining pollen. Try a power washer to give your outdoor area a genuinely fresh look. You will be amazed to see their actual color that gets hidden by the year’s weather.

After this spring cleaning, you’ll still find things that need to get done. Space out these tasks to keep yourself sane. We have a schedule you could follow that is perfect for first-time homeowners ready to keep their place looking brand new!

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