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Tailgating Tips To Get Your Ride in Gear


It is just about tailgating season! This is the chance to showcase your team spirit through your ride and party with your friends. Make your car a gameday hit by tricking out your vehicle. Here are our favorite suggestions to make sure you show your team some love the right way.

Best Vehicles for Tailgating

Some cars are just better to tailgate in. Pickup trucks are the most classic type of tailgating vehicle. The term “tailgating” actually comes from the truck’s tailgate, so it should be no surprise that trucks are the most popular way to celebrate. The bed can easily transport chairs, grills, and other supplies. At the party, it can even transform into extra seating for your guests.

Sports Utility Vehicles

Another great choice would be a sports utility vehicle (SUV). Fold down the seats, and you have plenty of storage space for your game day needs.

Vans and Recreational Vehicles

Vans and RVs are also a great way to celebrate your game day. These cars offer a lot of versatility. One day your van can be a family car, and the next, you can use it to transport all of your coolers and other party necessities. In addition, there is plenty of space to stuff all of your favorite food, drinks, and other festivities. Plus, RV’s come equipped with a bathroom and other necessities that you can’t find in other cars.

Other Options

Some people get a little outlandish with their vehicle of choice. Ambulances, buses, and boats can be used to tailgate your event. All of these give your guests a new experience. In addition, you can get creative with your decorating and give your guests a celebration to remember!

Transform Your Vehicle

You can show your team pride with a few simple touches no matter what car you bring to the tailgate. Try these on your next game day!

Change the Exterior

A simple way to show others you care is to display your pride in your car. Go for a custom paint job or a vinyl car wrap. These will show your team spirit for the entire parking lot! You can use these techniques to display the team’s colors, mascot, or favorite rally cry! If you don’t want to decorate your whole car, you can also get a small decal to stick on your car.

Put Up Banners and Flags

These are affordable options to support your team. If you attach a flag mount to your vehicle, switching out your flags for different holidays is easy. You want to make sure your flag will fly properly while you are on the road. Follow these steps to keep the roads safe.

Paint Your Windows

Write game day messages with erasable chalk or ink markers on your windows. These should involve no prep and be easy to get off. You can draw on these messages the morning of and be able to get them off that same night with no effort.

With some of these suggestions, you should look great on game day! Now you have to fit everything into your ride. With some easy maneuvering, you can fit a lot into your car. Try these easy tips of ours!

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