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Car Storage Made Easy With These Tips

car storage

Your car can become really crammed if you let it. Between clothes, children’s toys, and extra food, your car can hold a lot. It can become dangerous in a crash, so it is important to stay on top of the mess. Here are some easy ways to increase your car storage and keep it looking great!

Clear Out The Mess

You can’t organize if you don’t know what or how much you have. Take some time to get the junk out. Once the trash is thrown away, you can start to organize what you want to keep in the car and plan for how much space they will take. Plus, it just feels good to clear out a messy space.

Organize the Trunk

Trunks are very easy to It is easy to fill this part of the car up. Between sports equipment, car tools,  and beach trip essentials, this is an easily fillable space. If they take up too much space and you want to free your car of some extra weight, consider holding some of these in your home. Only bring the beach trip things out for the beach trips. Only bring the gym equipment out to the car when you are headed to the gym. This leaves some extra space for groceries or larger items from shopping trips.

Control the Console Clutter

While it is convenient to throw the small items in your center console, it can be tough to use in the future. Make a system that works for you. Keep any pens, hair ties, sunscreen, lint roller, and anything else you need to make your car rides comfortable in the center console in an organized way. There are so many organizers to choose from. A simple divider like this one can really help you to stay on top of the clutter.

Improve the Visor Versatile

Your sun visor blocks out the sun, but it can also do so much more. Use cheap elastic bands to strap anything you need to the visor. You can use this for items like wet wipes, CDs, garage openers, or work ids. A cheap way to get some extra storage!

After everything is organized and in its place, your car is ready! Your car storage and organization will better than it’s ever been but what about your house? If you moved some things into your house that don’t have their place, try self storage! We provide FREE heating and cooling so you can store for as long as you need. See which is closest to you!

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