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Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day! Do more than thank a veteran today! According to a poll from Newsweek, 49% of veterans report feeling uncomfortable with being thanked because there is not a proper response. Follow up your thank you with a question about their service! It will make for better conversation and will put everyone at ease.

Remember to Vote!

Today is Election Day! Exercise your right to vote!

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Fun Fact: The first Jack-O-Lanterns were made out of turnips, not pumpkins! Happy Halloween! This year we definitely got into the spirit, let us know your favorite looks! What did you go as this year?

Rug and Carpet Storage Tips

Rugs and carpets signal the entryway into any room. They can draw an entire room together and make it look bigger and brighter. Even with all this aside, the cost alone of some of them makes these the prized possessions. Here are some great tips from rug and carpet experts on how to keep yours […]

Take the Gloom out of Your Move!

Moving in the rain is not much fun. Damaged property and unsafe moving conditions can occur if the proper precautions are not taken. When moving in the rain is unavoidable, especially during the Mid-Atlantic hurricane season, it is important to make sure every step is taken to ensure the safety of all involved. Right Fit […]

Boy’s & Girl’s Club Donation

This summer our location on Spring Garden Street collected supplies for the Salvation Army’s Boys & Girls Club in Greensboro! Their organization enriches the lives of the children of Greensboro through programs in sports & recreation, education, the arts, health & wellness, career development, and character & leadership. We decided to help with their after […]

Happy Labor Day, Everyone!

Happy Labor Day, everyone! We will hold normal gate hours. Our locations will close at 4 and our call center will close at 4:30.

Boys & Girls Club Summer Drive

The Boys & Girls Club of America has been a safe and affordable place for kids and teens to go after school for nearly 160 years. They provide after-school programs for children to enrich their lives. This organization forms powerful young adults in every field by promoting career development, leadership skills, health, and wellness programs […]

Happy Fourth!

Happy 4th of July, everyone! We will hold normal gate hours. Our locations will close at 4 and our call center will close at 4:30.