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Greensboro MLK Day of Service

As the only National Day of Service, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is “a day on, not off!” We participated in the Volunteer Center of the Triad’s 11th annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service event. This year, they provided plenty of activities to support from your home. Our 4106 Spring Garden Street […]

How To Move in the Winter

Moving in the winter can be a breeze if you know how to do it right. Snowy paths, freezing temperatures, and icy paths are no problem with proper preparation. Check the weather Keep yourself up-to-date on the weather every week leading up to the move and then every day the week of. Watch for any […]

Best Organization Podcasts To Tune Into

As the new year sets in, getting organized has become one of the most popular new year’s resolutions. Organization is easy with today’s podcasts. Put your headphones on or plug in the aux and learn the best tips from industry experts. The Minimalist Podcast Minimalism has taken over as the most popular method to declutter, […]

Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions With Self Storage

The New Year is here! Are you having trouble committing to your New Year’s resolutions? Consider how self storage to help you follow through on your goals. Get Fit With COVID, getting fit has become harder than ever. Access to gyms being limited can make it hard to reach your physical goals. Clear out a […]

Packing Up the Holidays

As the holidays come to a close, so begins the process of packing up. There can be so many seasonal decorations that it will seem overwhelming but if you chunk it out into smaller parts, it will take no time at all. With the proper procedure, your house can be cleared in no time! Remove […]

North Carolina Is Growing

  Share this Image On Your Site Please include attribution to rightfitstorage.com with this graphic. North Carolina is one of the best states in the U.S. Many people choose to live here, making it the ninth most populous state at 10.5 million residents. In fact, since 2010, the population growth of the state has outperformed […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Wishing you health, wealth, and happiness in the year ahead. On New Year’s Eve, our hours will be held from 9 to 4, and our gate hours will operate as usual for unit access. On New Year’s Day, office and gate hours will operate as normal.

Our Favorite Volunteer Events

At Right Fit Storage, we are so thankful for our wonderful customers, and we want to say thank you to them through our service projects! Our team participates in several service projects throughout each year to give back to the communities that have given us so much. Take a look at some of our favorites! […]

Kwanzaa Begins!

Happy Kwanzaa! We hope your Kwanzaa is filled with joy and prosperity.

Best Blog Posts of the Year

It’s the end of the year, so let’s take a look at the past year and revisit our best blog posts! How to Move Heavy Appliances Heavy appliances like refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, and stoves don’t exactly fit in a box. Many people either ditch their large appliances with each move or pay top […]