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North Carolina’s Best Storage Solution



This place is so clean! The staff is super helpful and pleasant to work with.
★★★★★ – Adreanne W. from Greensboro, NC
I was on a tight budget but needed a quality storage facility that was close by my house. Customer service was great and helped me tremendously-even offered a truck to help complete my move.  
★★★★★ – Eddie F. from Greensboro, NC
Spoke with Mrs. Debbie on the phone she was very helpful and friendly. Once I went to the facility I was assisted by Mrs. Laura who was also very knowledgeable and sweet. Great pricing, nice clean and secure storage spaces, great staff, and great gifts!!! Why go anywhere else?
★★★★★ – Courtney A., Greensboro, NC
Am pleased I took advantage of this new, clean, facility! The offer of a free truck to move, a free lock for storage, and a free month made the decision easy. Plus the monthly fees are reasonable. The convenient entrance and spacious parking lots along with the additional large carts to transport items into your storage unit was another plus. Would recommend others to rent a storage unit at this facility.
★★★★★ – Zona R. from Greensboro, NC
Service was easy and pleasant. Everyone was so helpful and nice. The unit was clean and perfect for what I needed it for.  
★★★★★ – Chatauna E. from Greensboro, NC
Very friendly staff knowledgeable of all their products answer questions easy. Very clean locations easy to access always have carts available and the pricing is great.
★★★★★ – Sophia O., Greensboro, NC
I am currently a renter here and I love it! I initially had a unit with another company and was looking for a place with better quality. The secure feeling of the alarms in each unit, plus their 24-hour surveillance, and the convenience of their free truck, quickly sold me. I've only been renting here for a few weeks, but have made several visits to my unit in that time frame and each time the facility seems cleaner than the last and the price compared to what I was paying before is great. Two thumbs up Right Fit!
★★★★★ – Soul F. from Greensboro, NC
This facility has the best customer service I’ve ever seen, and I’ve traveled the world. I’m considered a customer service expert. They hands-down are the best I’ve seen they were very courteous. They were very very helpful. I would recommend this storage facility to anyone who is looking. If you want great customer service go use this facility.
★★★★★ – John B., Durham, NC
Great storage unit! Extremely clean, brightly light and accessible. The staff here are friendly, professional and helpful. They give you the complete run down and assist you with selecting the best unit based off your needs. There are always deals available upon purchasing a unit which is great for students in the area. Loved that they offer a free rental truck for moving in, which helped with my moving cost. Oh, the ceilings are also extremely high, more bang for your buck. I also must say, I feel safe when visiting my unit because sometimes storage units can give creepy vibes and that is not the case at Right Fit Storage. I have zero qualms, 10/10 recommend.
★★★★★ – Amanda C., Durham. NC
Excellent facility. Clean and nice staff. The truck rental for initial move-in was great. I only wish they allow customers to rent later as needed for an additional price. This would make it absolutely the best. Laura who helped us was very professional and awesome. Thanks, Laura!
★★★★★ – Ram P., Greensboro, NC
Great customer service over the phone with Derek was awesome. And helped a lot. Will definitely refer to anyone.
★★★★★ – Kristin C., Greensboro, NC
Right Fit storage is clean and their units are spacious. The staff is also very friendly!
★★★★★ – Ariana J., Greensboro, NC