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Triad Health Project Needs Coffee

triad health project

Have you ever thought of the power of a good cup of coffee? It brings people together from all walks of life. Coffee promotes a warm and welcoming environment for those undergoing a crisis. Higher Ground, in association with the Triad Health Project, uses cups of coffee to aid those with HIV. A single cup can undoubtedly make a considerable difference in their day!

Triad Health Project and Higher Ground Mission

The Triad Health Project works to build a better future for those with HIV in our community. They provide testing, education, and outreach services for those afflicted and the community. Lastly, they also offer food services through Higher Ground. Higher Ground creates a community of supportive peers by providing a space to share meals. Additionally, they hold education and support groups and various types of therapies. Coffee donations only strengthen these groups’ mission and help them reach the people that need them.

How To Help

They are collecting supplies to make their guests feel comfortable, and our Right Fit Storage team is happy to donate! Team members at 4106 Spring Garden Street in Greensboro, North Carolina, gave the nonprofit coffee grounds, dry creamer, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. If you want to help their mission, you can drop supplies off at 210 Bessemer Avenue in Greensboro, North Carolina. They are collecting donations on Tuesdays only between 9 AM and 2 PM.

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