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Spring Cleaning Your Storage Areas

spring clean

Now that spring has entered, it is time to prepare your home for the new season! Everyone knows to hit the usual high-traffic areas of the house, but what about the hidden places? Our storage areas, like attics, garages, and self storage units, only sometimes get attention during our spring cleaning ritual, but they need it the most. These areas become breeding grounds for dumped clutter you want to avoid organizing throughout the year. This is the perfect time to get a handle on these spaces! You can enjoy these tips to get these areas under control.


First, take everything out of your attic. Second, clean your attic. Dirt and grime can accumulate if you are not careful. Sweep the floors, dust the ceiling, and clean your windows. Now that your attic looks brand new consider what you are putting back into the attic. Is there anything that you don’t use? Are you interested in selling any of it? Could someone in need use the pieces more than you? After you have only the essentials, group everything by occasion. All holiday items should be separated as such and then further by their destination in the house. This will help you determine what things need to be in the same box and which boxes will go together. After this, develop a system in your attic and consider drawing a map to help you find things easily in the future.


Your garage holds all kinds of things! Being careful about where these are stored can set a good tone for the rest of the garage contents. Take everything out and use your broom to sweep this area well. Next, determine what should stay. Consider tossing anything you cannot use and donating items you think others can. Next, use your garage’s vertical space and ceilings to get bulky items off the ground. Hooks and racks can hold things like ladders, kayaks, and leaf blowers so that there is more floor space to work from. Next, you can continue to try to keep your other items around the sides of the garage and leave the middle open to walk through. Pegboards can be a great solution to hold medium-sized tools out of the way. Shelving and containers can keep smaller items like nails organized and contained.

Self Storage Units

If you have a self storage unit, chances are you are enjoying the feeling of a clutter-free home. It is convenient to place everything you don’t have room for in a self storage unit. However, sometimes, this can mean that your self storage unit becomes a dumping ground. To use self storage in the best way, revisit your unit and the way that you deposit items into it. First, take everything out and reorganize‚ÄĒseparate items by when you will be coming to grab them. If you can separate your items into navigatable sections, revisiting and depositing more items will be a breeze! Before you put your items back into the unit, clean your unit to get all the dust-out. Then put everything in and create a map similar to how you made one for your attic. You will have the best tool in your self storage unit and be able to live a more organized life!

If you don’t already have a self storage unit, you should consider one while you complete your annual spring cleaning! At Right Fit Storage, we help you find the best solution to get the clutter out of your home. Our free heating and cooling amenity gives you an added layer of protection throughout the year. This means you can store all year round if you need to! Please take a tour at a location near you today, or talk to one of our associates to see how you can get organized with self storage! 1-833-891-9274

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