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Backpack Beginnings Gets New Volunteers

backpack beginnings

Did you know that 25% of children in the Greensboro community are hungry? Backpack Beginnings has many initiatives to reduce that number to zero. First, their Kid Bags and Summer Feeding Program help keep school children fed during the weekend and other school breaks. Second, Family Bags provide pantry staples to those with the greatest need for the family to enjoy. Thirdly, the Snack Pantry takes the financial burden off of teachers offering their pupils snacks. Next, the Fresh Food Initiative prevents childhood obesity and aims to improve school performance by partnering with vendors and community gardens. Finally, the Prenatal and Infant Feeding Program feeds the community’s youngest and future children by getting nourishment to local families who need it. These programs only cover the food needs of the area, and the group also covers a wide range of needs, including comfort, clothing, and school needs.

By combatting local food insecurity and other needs in the area, Backpack Beginnings gives each child the best chance for a great start to their life. At Right Fit Storage, we have supported the work of Backpack Beginnings for years. This month, our Greensboro team at 4106 Spring Garden Street decided to volunteer with them for a more hands-on experience and got an inside look at their operation. It was gratifying to give back to a group that serves our community in such an impactful way. If you would like to support their efforts, they have tons of ways!

Backpack Beginnings Support

  • First, you can donate your time, as we did! They have plenty of weekly openings in their warehouse and delivery schedule.
  • If you can not volunteer physically, then donate your funds. As a 95% volunteer organization, your gift goes directly to the community. It can change a child’s life. You can purchase an honor card for a great gift if you would like.
  • Lastly, you can also donate a variety of items. They have several needs spanning food items, school supplies, clothing, toiletries, and baby items. You can even hold a drive for any of these items.

Find any of these methods and more HERE!

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