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Pack Up the Holidays

pack up

Do you love the holidays? If you are like many of us, you have collected quite a collection of holiday decorations. You have a lot to manage between artificial trees and outdoor displays in the off-season. Now that the New Year is here, it is time to take everything down. If this switchover makes you anxious, it probably means you’re not doing it right. Try these tips that we love to pack up the holidays and ready your house for the new year.

Stringed Lights

Stringed lights are notoriously known for getting tangled in their storage space. What many don’t realize is that there are easy ways to get your lights to stay straight. First, hold one end of the lights as you take them down from the tree. Next, unravel from the tree and as you do that, loop the string around your elbow and your hand to create a nice loop. Finally, when you reach the end, use a zip tie to tie the lights together. Do this with all your lights and put them into a plastic bag that keeps them together. If you want to keep everything rolled into one, use cardboard with a slit in it. This method will allow you to have one giant roll of lights ready to unravel next December. You’ll be surprised at how organized your stringed lights will be at the end of the year.

Hanging Ornaments

Tree ornaments are your most fragile storage item. Many can’t stop a few from breaking yearly because they don’t know how to pack them up properly. While tissue paper and soft cloths stuffed into a large plastic tub can be helpful, it isn’t always foolproof. If you want to store your favorite items more securely, use an ornament box. These lightweight ones from Walmart give your hanging ornaments a good chance of surviving in storage. If you are feeling crafty and don’t want to spend the extra money for your ornament collection, you can make your own! First, cut strips of cardboard that are a little bigger than the width of your ornaments. Next, cut slits into the sides to form an array with the cardboard slits. Once a grid is ready, place it into a box and arrange a layer of your favorite ornaments. Finally, cover with a sheet of cardboard to stack other layers on top. Now, you have your budget-friendly ornament box for easy holiday storage!


When you pack up the holidays, consider where you will put your things. Your attic and basement can be great solutions to get your items out of the way in your home. Garages and outdoor sheds can also be good choices if you don’t have an attic or a basement. While these are great choices, they can also become overcrowded if they are your go-to stowaway spaces for all reasons and seasons. To keep our attic organized, consider storing these items away from the home since you only take them out once a year. Try self storage at Right Fit Storage, where we offer the best selection at the best prices. It only takes you $15 to move in, and you get up to one month off AND up to one month half off! Our amenities, such as free heating and cooling offering, free move-in trucks, and our top-notch security lock, give you the best deal for year-round storage. Check out our other amenities here and give us a call to see how we can help you! 1-833-891-9274

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