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Babyproofing Your Home


Are you expanding your family soon? This joyful time also comes with much work. Even before your new baby comes home, there is plenty to do to prepare everything. There are many dangers to be mindful of in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Tackling your home may seem daunting, but the process should be manageable if you know what to hit in each room. Here is our babyproofing essentials guide.


If there is any room in the house you don’t want your child to get into, it is the one with knives and dangerous cleaning supplies. Place a door gate to separate the kitchen from the rest of the house if you can. For extra measure or those with an open floor plan, magnetic childproof cabinet locks attach to the inside of your doors. This lock will preserve the exterior finish while keeping your family safe. If you have a glass tabletop, consider replacing it for this time being to avoid any broken glass in the future. Rugs should have a non-skid pad to eliminate slipping.

Living Room

The number one concern in babyproof your living rooms is your furniture. With your little one running around, your couches and ottomans will wear and tear considerably. Check the cleaning instructions on your furniture to prepare yourself for an accident. If you have fragile fabrics, try slipcovers that can be machine-washed. Cover sharp corners with stick-on corner cards to save you from trips to the emergency room. Finally, any blinds or shades on our windows should be cordless to remove the choking hazard.

Bathroom and Laundry Room

Cleaning and laundry supplies left in these spaces can be attractive to some children. However, these can be dangerous and life-threatening, so it is essential to keep children away. Use high shelves and cabinet locks to get these out of reach from your children. Consider door locks for these rooms so your child can’t enter them by their selves.


Your nursery needs some special attention as that is where the baby will be alone. Under the crib and the changing table, you need a thick rug to cushion any falls. Move the crib away from any other furniture so the baby can’t grab onto them. This warning includes wall decorations or anything hanging over the bed. You must finish any wall paintings or wallpapering at least eight weeks before the baby is born. This space will prevent any exposure to harmful fumes. Secure any bookshelves to the walls and cover any wall plugs. Lastly, check the most dangerous structure in the room- the crib. Make sure there are no gaps between it and the mattress, that the slats are no more than two and ⅜ inches apart, and that any screws or bolts are screwed in tight.

Sometimes you have items that are just plain unsafe for a baby to be around. Sharp furniture, glass fixtures, and other items are inappropriate when a baby is in the house. When you’re finished babyproofing, there is no need to throw those items away! Use self storage to hold onto these precious items until it is safe for your entire family to be around. At Right Fit Storage, we use free heating and cooling year-round for an added layer of protection. This amenity allows you to store your things as long as you need them! Use our free move-in trucks to transport heavy items easily in one trip. Schedule your tour today, or call our representatives so they can help you! 1-833-891-9274

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