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Attic Storage Solutions

attic storage

What is your attic storage system? Yearbooks and other childhood memorabilia stacked in the corner, unlabeled boxes strewn throughout, or wreathes crowding the entrance floor? Attics all too often become a dumping ground for our seasonal or keepsake items thrown anywhere that is most convenient for us at that time. This system makes your attic an uncomfortable, messy tripping hazard. You may even dread getting holiday decorations because you hate being in your attic that much. However, there are ways to make your attic an organized and welcoming tool. Browse our top tips to create the loft of your dreams.

Install Shelves

Most attics do not come with shelving units. When homeowners use the attic, they take it as is and do not renovate the storage system. This method leads to piles of items and stacks of boxes throughout the floor plan. With shelves, there is no need to take down boxes whenever you grab something. Simply slide out the container you need and slip it back into place when you are down. Shelving units provide vertical storage while increasing usability. Install them from floor to ceiling to give yourself the most space. Remember to store heavier items at the bottom to reduce the risk of injury from falling objects. Truss shelves are another great option to get your items off the ground.

Rethink Your Walls

Several items are too clunky for a typical box. Sports equipment, festive wreaths, and clunky holiday decorations can’t fit too easily into boxes or shelving units. Screw-in hooks are easy to install with a drill and can hold many items. You can even install two pins for the handles of a bucket to keep small items you may need often. Another wall storage option is pegboards. You can display plenty of tools and even little shelves and cubby holes to customize what best fits your needs.

Use Boxes To Your Advantage

First, make sure your boxes are of good quality. Plastic containers are stronger and more durable than cardboard boxes. Clear, plastic containers with handles that stack quickly makes your items most accessible just by looking at them. Next, create a labeling system that will make tracking what is inside your box easy. If you can see the label, see what is inside the box, and make them last through time, you are in a good starting place. Finally, resist throwing your smaller items into the big bins with everything else, and use plastic drawers. These items will be easy to find and give you plenty of options to organize within the drawers.

Purge Your Clutter

It may not be what you want to hear, but getting rid of unneeded items will save you time, space, and money in the long run. With this tip, you can focus on organizing what matters most. Try dividing your items into three piles: toss, donate, or keep. Depending on how others see your possessions, these piles will show you where they all need to go. Of course, you may not have space for your items, but you still want to hold onto them. Maybe you want to store your children’s early-year artwork and school assignments, but you don’t want it to clog your attic’s limited space. Self storage can be a great attic storage solution. Move those special items to your self storage unit and let your attic hold the most needed items. At Right Fit Storage, we provide year-round storage with free heating and cooling. Our customer service is unmatched, and we provide tours of our facility daily. Come by and ask about our free move-in trucks and discounted moving supplies! We have locations in the Winston-Salem and Durham Triangle areas. Visit a location near you, or give us a call today! 1-833-891-9274

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