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Retirement Plans In the Air? Here Is What To Know

Retirement has come, and you’re looking to downsize. Generally, the big decision is whether or not to stay in your current area or plant your roots in a separate state entirely. Retirement gives you the freedom to make decisions you may not have had the opportunity to make in the past. Now with no kids or job tying you down, you can move anywhere you want! Even with the freedom to move, many find it better to stay. The Center for Retirement Research found that only 17% of adults move around the time of retirement.¬†There is a lot to weigh when moving after retirement. Here are a few considerations to make your decision easier.


There are plenty of states that seniors move to mainly because of the climate. Shoveling snow can be pretty unappealing when you have a bad back. Seniors often ditch the high heating bills and head out for warmer temperatures. Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida all are popular destinations for retirees. The warm weather is often easier on their bodies, and their cost of living is often lower than in Northern states.

Cost of Living

Consider states with low living costs when you live on a fixed income. When you browse those numbers, pay attention to the taxes and healthcare costs, as they may become essential parts of your expenses. Kansas, Alabama, and Georgia all have low living costs, especially for those who no longer need to work.

Rent or Buy

Consider renting if you have a place in mind that is just a bit out of your budget. Many apartments, condos, or townhomes will cost much less than a new mortgage. Now that you do not have school districts to worry about, it is the perfect time to move to an area for affordability rather than family planning. Even if you are relocating to a smaller home in your current town, living in a different location could help you save drastically. Plus when renting, you can live a nomadic lifestyle and try out other places if you wish. Between renting your new home and selling your old one, you could have a nice nest egg to travel with or sit on for retirement.

Friend and Family

Don’t let money rule everything in this decision. Many retirees move out of state or across the country on a whim for the low cost of living, only to realize they are pretty lonely without their support system. It would be best to find a low-cost area that you like which is also near your friends and family. If you move far away, the travel costs may be higher depending on how often you go back to visit.

While you downsize and go through your things, are there items that you aren’t ready to discard? It is understandable to want to hold on to your kid’s childhood artwork, old memorabilia, or even precious family heirlooms, but you don’t want to live in a cluttered home. Just because you no longer have the attic or basement you used to does not mean you have to get rid of everything in your possession. Self storage is a great solution to help you achieve your new dream home. At Right Fit Storage, we provide state-of-the-art amenities like discounted packing supplies and free move-in trucks for a convenient move-in process. Check out our storage guide to see which size best fits your needs. We have a variety of sizes starting at 4′ x 5′ (20 square feet), which can hold around 1-3 rooms of furniture. Schedule your tour today by calling our representatives at 1-833-891-9274.

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