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Eco-Friendly Ideas For The Bathroom

One of the best ways to save the Earth is by switching the standard practices inside your home. Changing tracks isn’t always easy, but it can be worth it. The Earth and your wallet will thank you with some simple eco-friendly changes. Check out these quality ideas that will have lasting environmental and financial benefits.

Reduce Bath Water

Your shower space uses the most water in the bathroom. Stay away from baths, as they use 10-25 gallons more than a 10-minute shower.  You can also take shorter showers or collect the water as it heats up and use it for other tasks like watering garden plants. Install a low-flow showerhead to save on the water, as it generally flows at half the rate of regular shower heads. Aerators are also a great tool to reduce the water used from your shower head or your sink faucet. What you may spend at the store on these products will be significantly outweighed by the savings on your water bill.

Rethink Your Products

Conventional hair care products are very wasteful. The product themselves and the plastic packaging often end up in landfills. However, many of your favorite everyday products have a sustainable, zero-waste alternative. For example, opt for shampoo and conditioner bars. These alternatives save on plastic packaging by eliminating plastic bottles and last longer with a more concentrated formula. If you are not ready to switch, consider buying your products in bulk and using reusable containers to display them. This change will save money and keep unnecessary plastic bottles from entering landfills. Additionally, consider eco-friendly DIY treatments found with materials in your home. For example, many face masks, hair masks, and dry shampoos can be created quickly and easily with little environmental footprint.

Renovate With Care

If you are renovating your bathroom, consider some eco-friendly needs. Compact fluorescent bulbs use less energy and last much longer than incandescent bulbs. Certain paints can also be very toxic. Look for the VOC label, which indicates low volatile organic compounds to save you and your family. If you want to improve water usage significantly, install low-flow toilets and consider replacing the water heater. Tankless water heaters reduce the energy consumed by only heating what is needed when you need it. Additionally, the tankless model does not require a pilot light. This difference means it emits less carbon dioxide and even improves air quality.

After rethinking your bathroom and the items you have, you may realize that you have some excess things that you don’t want to use every day but are not quite ready to part with. Many people in the same boat find that self storage is a true game changer. In this way, fewer things end up in landfills and are conveniently accessible when you want to repurpose them. Right Fit Storage has units ranging from 4’x5′ and 10’x40′, serving a wide range of needs. Check out our storage guide, which details how you can fit a variety of items into your unit of any size. Our storage experts are always available to answer any questions and walk you through every step of the move-in process. Give us a call to see how we can help you! 1-833-891-9274

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