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Help Your Family Adjust for a Big Move

help your family adjust

Are you planning to move to a new area but aren’t sure how your family will take it? This transition is very exciting for your family, but your kids may not always see it that way. Fortunately, there are ways to comfort your child and get them to see things from a positive perspective. Here are some great ways to help your family adjust.

Announce the Move With Care

Though this move may benefit you and your family, your children may not see it that way. So be prepared for some big emotions and let them feel what they are feeling. Listen to and acknowledge their concerns without trying to talk them out of their feelings. Their feelings will change over time, which is just a part of their grieving process.

Involve Them In the Move

If your kids are old enough, involving them in the moving process would be helpful. For example, transporting lighter boxes or putting together their essentials kit can help them feel like they have some control over the process. If your kids are too young to help out, have some coloring books or other activities for them on hand.

Unpack Their Rooms First

Children have a hard time understanding change. Moving them into their rooms first can make the transition easier. Let them have plenty of input into where everything should go so they can feel like the room is theirs. The sooner you set your home up, the sooner they will feel at home.

Get Back Into a Routine

Once you have officially moved in, giving your kids a routine to focus on is vital. Get them back into their favorite sport or continue with any family-themed nights like family movie night. Enroll them back into classes to reestablish some normalcy if they are school-aged.

Make Your Home Comfortable

There will be no sense of relaxation for you or your children if you are surrounded by boxes or clutter. Help your family adjust to this new home by creating clear, organized spaces in your room. It may be time to make room if you do not already have space for these items. Consider self storage to clear your boxes and your piles. Right Fit Storage has state-of-the-art security measures and top-notch amenities like our heavy-duty locks and free move-in trucks to give you peace of mind on your move-in day. Explore our storage guide to see how we can best fit your needs. Our 10’ x 40’ units can accommodate 10 to 15 rooms of furniture, making way for lots of room to relax and connect in your home. Give us a call to talk to our storage experts today. 1-833-891-9274

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