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Desk Storage Upgrades To Make Now

It can be challenging to stay organized at work. So many people find their papers scattered around or stacked with magazines and other important documents, making it difficult to see what they need at a moment’s notice. Get your office in order with these easy desk storage and organization tips.

Strategize With Your Dominant Hand

When everything you need to grab is on the opposite side of the desk from your dominant hand, it will be frustrating as the day progresses. Those who are right-handed should place the phone on the right side of their desk. Anything else you often grab should be on that side or at least easily accessible. By following this strategy, you can save time throughout the week.

Use a Rolling Cart

If you are short on space, add a rolling cart to your desk to easily access extra pens, papers, and other office supplies. Choose a coach the same size as your desk for a better fit.

Utilize the Space Beneath

There is no such thing as wasted space in the office. Take advantage of the space under your desk. Stow books, files, and other supplies on a bookshelf or in a storage cabinet to be easily accessible.

Rethink Your Walls

Get things off your desk by using your walls. You can organize your items and show your personality by installing floating shelves or pegboards. Let’s say you can’t mount anything to your walls. Instead, lean a tall organizer to free up drawer space.

Check Your Inventory

How much stuff do you need? Sometimes you don’t need what you think you do year-round in your desk storage inventory. Take your seasonal holiday decor and season-specific work projects to a storage facility and see how much lighter your office feels. We employ state-of-the-art security techniques, including individualized alarms, heavy-duty locks, and much more. Please tour our facility and see what makes us the best. Visit a location near you today. 1-833-891-9274

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