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Moving in the Summer

moving in the summer

Summertime brings in the most movers throughout the year. Even though the roads are no longer icy, there are some unique challenges those moving in the summer need to be aware of. Crowded moving schedules and high temperatures are easy to manage with some planning and preparation.  We have the top tips to make your summer move a breeze.

Plan in Advance with Movers

As summer is the most popular time of year to move, moving companies often get booked quickly. If you know you will need a team of professionals to help you move, book them now. In addition to getting a spot on their calendar, you can even get discounts if you are early enough saving you money!

Next, get prepared and ask them specific questions about the move. Confirm the exact times they can move you in and out of your homes. Find out which items of yours they can or can not move. This is the perfect time to make other arrangements if you need to so ask everything you can think of and write everything down. This will clear up a lot of headaches in the future.

Prepare for Hot Summer Weather

Moving during this time of year means that you and your team must remain hydrated. You lose a lot of water as you move heavy objects through rooms with no air conditioning and open doors to the thick summer air. Get cases of bottled water for your team and yourself all over the new place and inside your cars. Taking care of your team will only make the end result better.

You also have to protect your skin. Wear loose, lightweight, and breathable fabrics so you can move around easily in any direction you need to. Be careful of any dark colors, as they will soak in the sun’s heat better. Pick whites and other light colors that do not attract sunlight to stay cool. Additionally, make sure your clothes are still functional for your move. Swap dresses and flip-flops with T-shirts, shorts, and comfortable, sturdy shoes to help avoid injuries. Finally, any part of you that isn’t covered by clothes must be covered by sunscreen. Wear an SPF that is 30 or higher and waterproof to give yourself the best protection in these next couple of months.

If you need space to store your things between moves, Right Fit Storage is here to help! Our wonderful amenities promote a convenient move-in day. Our free move-in trucks allow you to transport your things to your unit quickly and easily. We have dollies and large, spacious elevators to make your move more comfortable. Our free heating and cooling help neutralize the harmful effects of the annual high and low temperatures. Give us a call to find your storage solution today! 1-833-891-9274

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