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In-Law Suite: Is It Right For Your Home?

in-law suite

Are you considering adding a living space for your elderly parents on your property? Or, are you looking for a way to boost your property value as you sell your home? In-law suites are growing in popularity among potential buyers and multi-generation households. Here is what to weigh when considering adding an in-law suite.

What Is an In-Law Suite?

An in-law suite is a colloquial name for a small property that can be separate from or attached to a single-family home. While the name suggests that only in-law relatives can live there, this property can be for anyone; Friends staying with you for the weekend, children living with you after college, au pair, even a renter in need of month-to-month housing. This suite is like a small, fully functional apartment. It may have its entrance, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and whatever else you can fit. This separate space gives the residents their freedom and privacy.

Can I Build One Myself?

To create a structure for your in-law suite, you’ll need to check with the city first. There may be permits to obtain before you start. If your city does not allow these suites, you must petition your neighbors to have your home rezoned or get a variance. Even if your zoning laws favor your project, there may be limits on the size of your structure, the use, or the purpose.

Once you are all set, find your budget. On average, a mother-in-law suite could cost anywhere from $150,000 to $180,000. Repurposing spaces you already have, like garages or attics, could save you a bit. Consider the size of your area, the amenities you want to include, and the state of the existing space. All of these will factor heavily into the cost of building your own.

Should You Get an In-Law Suite?

It can be an excellent investment if you have the space and budget for an in-law suite. Those with aging parents or adult children moving back home will find peace with the separation. If you live in an area where many are using their in-law suites to bring in renters during the tourist or college seasons, it will be easy to find an extra source of income. Visiting friends and family will always have a nice place to stay. Finally, if you are selling your home, buyers will see the tremendous possibilities this place will bring.

Are you planning to repurpose your garage or attic for an in-guest suite? You’ll need someplace for all of your things. Right Fit Storage has storage units in several sizes starting from 4’x5’, which typically can fit 1-3 rooms of furniture. Our tall ceilings have the extra height needed for you to do more into your unit to save you money. Explore our storage guide to see what will suit your needs. As you build your in-law suite, free up the space in your home. Check out a location near you or give us a call at 1-833-891-9274.

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