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Best Time of the Year To Move

best time

Can you choose your moving date? When moving, you have a lot to consider. For example, are there any children in your family? Is your budget affected by the holiday season? What role does weather play in your decision? If you are considering moving, we have information that can help you make the right choice.


You and your children can benefit from the summer months in several ways. Longer daylight hours allow you more time to move. If you prefer to keep the weekends free, you can relocate during these months after work. Additionally, transitions between the two school years will be easier for children. Finally, moving early in the summer gives you more time to settle before the school year begins.

The summer is the peak selling season for houses, so movers are in high demand. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, 70% of moves take place. Unfortunately, this results in higher prices and fewer moving companies available. Moving companies often hire more seasonal help to meet the increased demand, which may result in inexperienced movers who could unknowingly damage your items. Moreover, movers’ trucks often hold more than one household at a time due to this high demand. Aside from moving company struggles, summer is also the hottest season. As you handle things in this heat, you will sweat. To keep yourself comfortable during your move, you must take extra precautions with sunscreen, water, and appropriate clothing.


Moving everything in the fall can be a great idea. In these months, the weather is cool, but not freezing, and there is little rain to worry about. During this season, moving just before the holidays is convenient. The reason for this is that most people have moved in the summer, so there will be more movers available, and your move-by date will be more secure. Last but not least, their rates will be lower than the average during the summer.

In the fall, moving can be challenging due to a few conditions. Families with children find it difficult to switch schools after the school year starts. As a result of the influx of college students, affordable apartments can also be expensive in college towns.


The price point alone makes winter a reasonable choice. In January and February, however, you can find great deals on apartments, moving companies, and storage units if you need more space. Winter conditions are also much more tolerant of items that have been stuck in moving vans for days or weeks.

It might be a good idea to postpone your moving date if you hate the cold. Aside from being uncomfortable, icy roads and cold winds can be dangerous. For the protection of your moving team and for the preservation of your items, additional preparations will be needed. Salt your walkways to prevent falls, and waterproof your boxes in case of snowfall. Furthermore, moving fees may leave you in the red during the holiday season if your wallet is stretched thin.


Moving in the spring has some significant advantages. As the weather warms, you can spend more time outdoors. There will be higher availability for the season, allowing you to keep your move-in date. You can also get great prices with fewer movers. As students move out of college towns, apartments may become more affordable.

Some things are not perfect when moving in spring. Warmer temperatures bring rain and pollen, which could bother those with allergies. Moving around trees can also stain your furniture and boxes yellow. Students will also have the hardest time transitioning during the second half of the school year when exams are approaching and they already have friends.

What is the best time of the year to move? It depends. Your children, budget, and weather preferences play a huge factor in your decision. Consider the pros and cons of each season when deciding when to move. To help you in between moves, self storage is always an option if that season does not align with your move-in date. You can choose from a variety of sizes to fit anything from a small locker’s worth of smaller items to 12 rooms’ worth of furniture. Use our interaction Storage Guide to determine which size suits your needs best. Our storage specialists are available to help you find the right unit and answer any questions you may have. Give them a call at 1-833-891-9274.

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