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Home Renovation Projects to Sell Your House

Consider a home renovation if you are selling your home and having trouble getting it off the market. These projects could take your home to the next level and get you a better offer. Here are some of the best ideas to sell your house fast!

Entry Door Update

Curb appeal is enormous, and the entryway is the first thing buyers see when they enter your home. These doors can come pre-hung or with the help of a professional. Consider a steel door that will stand out from the rest and be durable in various weather conditions.

Garage Door Replacement

Replacing the garage doors is a great way to increase curb appeal, keeping effort and costs low. Often the price equals the resale value of a home. Replacing your garage doors is a very time-efficient home improvement renovation project, estimated to take about 4 to 6 hours to return. Save time by reusing your motorized opener and wiring.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

Making minor improvements to your kitchen can drastically increase the resale value of your home. The little jobs could include upgrading appliances, refurbishing cabinets, updating countertops, or redoing the flooring. But, first, consider what might be most important to your buyers in that area to choose which you want to accomplish.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

Durable and long-lasting, manufactured stone veneer adds a touch of elegance to any house while increasing the structure. Many manufacturers’ warranties guarantee 20-75 years. It is more fire-resistant than vinyl siding or wood siding. This maintenance-free stone is made from a mixture of pigments, natural aggregates, and cement. Even with installation costs, this is more cost-effective than natural stone. Here is some more info from Spruce.

Vinyl Window Replacement

New windows are a great way to give your house the best chance on the market. Vinyl is a cost-effective choice because they do not rot or warp. These will improve energy efficiency and lower the home’s heating and electrical costs. In addition, durable material prevents ultraviolet light from deteriorating the frame.

All these options are great ones to choose from to turn your home into one ready to sell. If you plan on doing these projects yourself, you must get your tools out of the way when you are finished. Guests need clear entryways and polished storage areas. Some of the best homes sell while empty to show how spacious the room is. Consider self storage when you are done with your installations. We have convenient locations with free move-in trucks for a convenient move-in day. Browse our locations here!

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