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Hidden Room Placement Ideas


Are you looking to take your house to the next level? Hidden doors aren’t just for secret spies and elaborate castles. Any room can be hidden if you know where to look. These private entryways will inspire wonder when guests walk through the door and make for a great conversation piece. These rooms are hard to find but the hidden doors are often easy to install, perfect for any DIY renovator. Add a bit of mystery and fun to your home with these five installation ideas.


If you have watched any Scooby-Doo episodes, you know that a bookshelf is a classic location for a trick door. Typically, there are two kinds; a large bookcase that takes up the entire wall or a door-sized bookcase. These kinds of doors can easily be pushed back to reveal the secret room of your dreams. Set these doors flush with the walls and use hinges to open the private room with ease.

Paneled Walls

Paneled walls are brilliant because they allow your entrance to blend in on the wall. Panel breaks hide the door’s seams without a trace, so guests won’t know where to look. They are simple to build- place the panel over an existing entry, and you are done! You will see how continuous your door is along the wall.


A door hidden among cabinetry can be hidden beautifully. These are easy to pull off. All you need is matching hardware and trim to look exactly like your regular cabinets that sit next to it. Using the hardware is essential in place of the doorknob to fool unknowing guests.

Wallpaper or Paint

You can hide your door among existing furniture in your house, or you could disguise it among the wall itself. The best designs for a hidden door are those with an exciting pattern or image. This design will distract the onlooker and make it hard to see the seams of the closed door. Often with the most exciting designs, your doorknob could even be well hidden!

There are plenty of ways to incorporate a hidden room into the empty spaces of your home. Don’t let a square inch go to waste while optimizing your area in the most fantastic way. If you have clutter getting you down, try self storage! We have a variety of sizes to accommodate most homeowners. Visit our storage guide to see what will work best for you!

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