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Durham Gardens to Impress

Durham, North Carolina, holds some of the best blooms in the country, and this is the best time of year to see them. We picked our favorite Durham gardens so you can have the best viewing party this spring.

Sarah P. Duke Gardens

More than 600,000 visitors come every year from all over the world to view the various specialized gardens because they are among the finest in the country. Free admission gives you access to a wide variety of displays. They include irises, azaleas, roses, peonies, carnivorous plants, and even rocks in their rock garden. On their 55 acres, they feature a moss garden, a rock garden, a butterfly garden, arboretums, and other flowery displays to give guests something to see for every season. Read more about them here!

Duke Forest

This forest stretches across 7,000 acres and three different counties. The forest is primarily used for educational purposes. However, there are hiking and 8walking trails marked with blue dots. Duke Forest is the perfect escape if you need a short getaway from bustling urban life. Among the 40 miles of road and trails to explore, the Shepherd Nature Trail is a great one to start on. This 0.8-mile walk will teach you about the forest’s history and ecology. There are over 900 plants and 100 species of trees and a rich wildlife ecosystem. Enjoy the biodiversity and share about it with their Facebook page!

Eno River State Park

Eno River State Park offers excellent views with 30 miles of trails. This river runs through Durham to Orange County, allowing a wide range of things to see. Check out the lush forests, the historic mill, river bluffs, and flowering shrubs. Look for anglers in the shallow stream or try your hand at photography. You can even canoe or kayak in the river when the water is high. There are five access entrances close to Durham, NC. See which is closest to you.

Is nature not your thing? Please look at this guide we created for What To Do In Durham. We have the best suggestions for Durham gardens, history lovers, art installations, museums, and more!

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