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Moving Supply Hacks Infographic

We all know what we need for a big move, but do we really know how to use all of these supplies in the best way? There are special tricks to manipulate these tools, and we call them moving supply hacks! Here are some of our favorite moving supply hacks, big and small, to keep you productive and satisfied on move-in day!

Find the Edge of Your Tape With Your Tape Gun

Do you ever lose track of where your tape ended on your packing tape dispenser? Well, there’s an easy way to keep track of it, and it’s been right in front of you this whole time! The purpose of the long portion of the packing tape gun that sticks out from the blade has long been unveiled. Tiktok user @hello_happy_mom shows how easy it is to find the edge of the tape when pressed down and slid across the roll. Once it hits the edge of the tape, it will push it to make it easier for you to grab and reattach for easy taping!

Change the Shape of Your Cardboard Box

Did you know you can transform your box to fit your longer items? Cardboard boxes come in various convenient sizes, but sometimes your items are sized just outside those dimensions. This simple trick can easily accommodate yoga mats and tall lamps. Tiktok user, @ailecec_anna, starts by drawing lines in the center of the top and bottom short flaps and then cuts down those lines. Next, those flaps are folded over each other to make the box more narrow. Now, you can fit your odd items comfortably!

Cut Handles In Cardboard Boxes for Easy Lifting

It can be difficult to grab boxes with a good grip from underneath. RentPath shows that if the boxes had handles, they are much easier to carry. Cut upside down wide triangles on opposite sides near the top of the box. These can be used to slip your hands into and carry wherever you want easily.

Make Easy DIY Vacuum Sealed Bags

Vacuum storage bags can be expensive but it can be saved with a cost-effective moving supply hack. Interested in finding a DIY option with materials you already have in the house? Try this option from Apartment Therapy– Place all of your materials into a large garbage bag. Next, take the vacuum hose and place it into the bag without touching the plastic. Next, use your hand to form a seal around the hose with one hand and turn on the vacuum. The bag should start to shrink around the items as the excess air escapes to the vacuum. You can even ask someone to squish the bag to make it go by faster. After all of the air has escaped, take out the hose and secure the garbage bag with a rubber band, and you are done! Spacesaver bag on a budget!

Wrap Furniture for Easy Dolly Assistance

Moving dollies are incredibly helpful during your move. You can move several boxes at a time or heavy appliances with ease. However, heavy appliances may need more attention, and many don’t know how to move these big things. One life hack from Hire a Helper: wrap your appliances in furniture pads. This not only protects potential scrapes and marks but also gives you a better grip when unloading from the truck. Those appliances are hard to grab, but they can easily be lifted with a furniture pad and then dollied out of the moving truck.

Fill Your Moving Truck Methodically

Moving trucks are also instrumental to a convenient moving day, but how do you pack everything in? Here is a quick guide from Buehler Companies. Heavy, bulk appliances like washer, refrigerator, and dryer to the deepest end of the truck, close to the cab. Next, any long items like mattresses or sofas will line the walls leading up to the back. You will place the bulk of your items In between these items. Position furniture with drawers along the longer items lining the wall with drawers facing the walls to prevent any en-route openings. Place your heaviest boxes in the truck’s center and your smaller items in any spaces they can fit. If you have valuable items, take them with you in the cab and keep an eye on them.

Stock up on Poppable Bubble Wrap!

Do you enjoy popping the bubble wrap after a big move? Well, pretty soon, that may be a thing of the past! The original sellers of traditional poppable bubble wrap, Sealed Air Corp, now produce a bubble wrap that does not pop. Although this will save space for online retailers, it also will take away some of the fun in moving, especially for kids! For now, there is no need to worry, popping-lovers, they are selling both kinds. Keep an eye out for the poppable kind, and grab any if they start to run low!

We hoped you enjoyed these moving supply hacks! Keep visiting for the best self storage content and make your move-in day a breeze.

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