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Haunted Spots Around Durham

Did you know that Durham has its own set of haunted spots around town? There is a rich history of ghastly tales around the Bull City if you know where to look.

North Carolina Executive Mansion

The first governor of North Carolina, Daniel Fowler, was a widower with four kids. When he moved into the house, he had a bed made for himself and his son, who often wanted to come in during the nighttime. Unfortunately, he died in that bed shortly after he moved in. When Governor Bob Scott removed the bed, he heard screeching behind the walls. After the bed was put back into position, the sound dubbed “the knock of Governor Fowler” stopped immediately.

The Graveyard at Dorothea Dix Park

The Raleigh cemetery near Dorothea Dix Hospital was for the mentally ill. The hospital started in 1856 was home to thousands of patients and, unfortunately, many of their graves. Some say the screams of the deceased can be heard at night around the cemetery.

North Carolina State Capitol Building

This building is the site of many strange occurrences. Numerous accounts hear the sound of a barrel going up and down the stairs. Presumably, these were the barrels filled with whiskey for Sherman’s troops. A night guard in the 1970s and 1980s named Owen Jackson often heard a woman screaming and has cited that he has seen the elevator move for no reason. These hauntings may be the work of a cavalryman who was once hung from the portico by Union soldiers.

The Devil’s Tramping Ground

In Chatham County, around Bear Creek, there is a barren circle without grass, trees, or flowers. This 40-foot diameter circle is where the Devil paces at night, destroying and burning all vegetation.

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