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DIY Halloween Decorations To Dress Up Your Lawn

Now that October is here, Halloween is right around the corner. It is time for skeletons, lights, and pumpkins with everything. Are you looking around at your outdoor decorations and wondering if the spider webs are getting old and the gravestones boring? We have some great DIY ways to bring in the new and start fresh this spooky season.

Flying Ghosts

Are you looking for the perfect ghastly accessory for your front yard display? Craft them yourself by blowing up balloons and securing gauze fabric. Then, hang them from your trees and see how they “fly” in the wind.


Do you need a fresh idea that is unique to your neighborhood? Try a DIY Frankenstein by putting together hay stuffing inside of discarded clothes or muslin. Get creative by designing a face for your monster and scare the kids in a way they aren’t expecting.

DIY Wreath

Do the holiday wreaths in the stores not fit the aesthetic you want? Try building your own! You can go as cutesy or as creepy as you want! You can even stick to a fall theme if you would like to keep it out through Thanksgiving. Check out some of these wreaths to get the juices flowing.

Jack O’ Lantern Archway

We all know how to line a walkway with pumpkins or even stack next to the door. But, if you want to be different this year, construct an archway for your pumpkins! Use glue, wire, and a fall-themed garland to secure multiple foam or plastic pumpkins in the shape of an arch. This archway can highlight the entryway to your house or even a festive skeleton scene you set up in the yard.

Illuminated Figure

While many go for cute Halloween decorations, few go for the genuinely creepy ones. If you love the spooky decor, you will love our illuminated figure that sits silently on your stairs. Form a framework for the sculpture that is vaguely human-shaped. Cover the figure with a dark shroud and then place a green light to shine within the formation, giving it an eerie glow from outsiders.

Once the season is over and done, packing up your decoration can be simple! Try your guidelines to keep from getting scared this fall season.

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