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Landscaping Ideas For a Small Yard


Are you uninspired by your tiny yard? You may think landscaping does not apply to you, but it can actually make your yard look bigger and better. Here are some ways to have the backyard of your dreams.

Get Potted Plants

Potted plants are a great option to place around your backyard. You can set them on the ground, on balconies, or even hang them. As you build your collection, you can also move these around as your tastes change.

Additionally, consider going vertical with your plants. Vertical planters are a fun DIY project that you can do. If you are truly limited on space, these creative projects allow you to save space in your yard for other interests.

Choose a Ground Plan

If you prefer the look of traditional grass, get artificial grass. It requires no water and no cuttings, so it is low maintenance and cheaper. Additionally, it also improves your total home value!

If you want less traditional landscaping, xeriscaping may be your pick. Materials like concrete, wood, or stone replace grass to keep your yard practically maintenance-free. In addition, these materials look incredibly sleek when they are well thought out. Try a combination of different materials with well-marked paths to find the one that works best in your dimensions.

Rethink Your Patio

Patios often take up the most space in a small yard. If you have a nice patio and don’t like taking care of the grounds, this works in your favor. Invest in a large patio to shine the spotlight on something worthy of attention.

Sunken patios are another great way to use the space to your advantage. Create depth by bringing your patio below a wall of plants. This gives a unique look to a classic feature and gives your guests a more private feel during meal times.

Consider Your Tools

As you build your perfect yard, make sure your tools all have their place. No matter the size, nothing makes a space look disorganized, like when tools and other garden objects are strewn around. Consider stepping up your garden shed to store things appropriately. Try these organization hacks to stay on top of your tools!

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