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Family Support On Move-In Day


Moving is a stressful event for adults and children. While adults have to worry enough when you only have to worry about yourself, and it about the questions like; Will everything be ready to leave your old place on time? Did you submit the change of address form? Are your kids set up for their new school? While it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle of moving your life, your children are going through their own losses. They are losing their friends, teachers, and favorite comforts. Stay engaged with them, so you don’t lose them in this process. Make the transition easier by prioritizing your family. Here are some ways to help everyone adjust.

Task Your Kids With an Important Job

Many young kids and even teens will focus too much on the fact that they are leaving. They will mope and have a negative outlook on the whole day. By giving them a job during the moving process, they have a new task to focus on instead. They will also love feeling important. Let them be your assistant for moving day and see how their outlook changes.

Let Kids In On New Decisions

Does your kitchen need a new color on the walls? Are you looking for a new rug in the common area? Let your kids in on the decision. For example, when you can narrow down your picks to a couple of your favorites, talk about it with your children. They will have fun, and it gives them a sense of control in their new environment.

Time Time To Explore

Once the moving crew has left and the boxes are inside, get out of the house. Take a break with a neighborhood walk. Stop off at any playground for your younger kids. They’ll get the opportunity to associate the move with a positive memory and set this new adventure off on the right foot!

Consider Your Furry Family

Moving your family doesn’t just include the kids. Animals get stressed just like the rest of us. Check out these tips to accommodate your pets.

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