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Crayons2Calculators Donation by Durham Team

Did you know that teachers spend their own money on their school supplies unreimbursed? Teachers are among the most underpaid professions, yet they shell out hundreds of dollars to stock their classrooms. For example, the Economic Policy Institute estimates North Carolina teachers spend $400 for whiteboards, calculators, office supplies, and basic classroom supplies. Crayons2Calculators (C2C) was created to fill this need by students in the Duke University Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative. Decidedly, they banned together to alleviate this financial burden placed on teachers. For this reason, the group now supplies teachers with materials through their warehouse and many giveaway events. In addition, they created a highly successful signature event, Fill That Bus. This event is a community campaign to stock the warehouse with supplies for Durham Public School teachers.

Because we support our teachers, the North Roxboro Street team in Durham, North Carolina, donated supplies to Crayons2Calculators. If you want to help reduce the barrier to success for every Durham student, consider contributing. Check out more details here for their wish list, financial donations form, and other contributing ways!

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