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Barbeque Hacks To Make You Look Like a Pro


Summer coming means one thing- it’s about to be barbeque season. No matter how advanced you are on the grill, there is always room to improve. Invite the neighbors over for some patties and some vegetable kebabs. Here are some hacks to really WOW your guests every time.

Rethink Your Barbeque Cleaners

Do you rely on wire brushes to clean your grill? Too many Americans use this tool which actually can be harmful to our health. Use a common household item to keep yourself and your grill healthy- the onion! Just halve the vegetable and run it back and forth across the grills with the heat turned off. The acidity of the onion easily cuts through the grease and grime. In addition to be better for our bodies, who doesn’t love a subtle taste of onion on their barbeque plate?

Soak Your Skewers

Who doesn’t love kebabs? The perfect way to appease vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. Kebabs are quite possibly the best summer foods to offer. Wooden skewers often dry out or even smoke when left on the grill. After, you may be forced to take your kebabs off the grill before your meat and vegetables are done. Soak them in water for an hour or two, and your kebabs will be done to perfection. Also, for a pro tip- use two skewers per kebab. Have you ever went to rotate your kebabs and the food spins on the skewer? Try doubling up before your next grill out!

Get Perfect Roast Marks

Do you know those perfect diamonds that appear on every steak in a restaurant that you can never get right at home? Well, no more; they’re easy to achieve! Imagine a clock on your grill. Place your meat on the grill, pointing toward 10:00. Let it char by not lifting prematurely. Once you have the first set up lines, rotate the meat to point to 2:00. Once the first side is cooked, do the same on the other to finish the diamond pattern. Now, you’re ready to put on a real cookout!

If you need to make space for your summer grill-outs, consider using self storage! We have harmful to our health for a convenient process! Book your reservation harmful to our health and see how we can help you get your home summer-ready!

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