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Style Your Home in 3 Popular Trends

Are you stylistically impaired, finding a new style for your home, or simply interested in interior design? We have you covered with three of the most popular interior design styles!


We have to mention minimalism as it has become a widely popular global trend. With a decline in materialism among the millennials, tighter pandemic budgets, and environmental concerns, this style has only grown since it was first seen in the 1960s. The style involves clean lines, simple finishes, and uncomplicated forms to produce a room that emphasizes less is more. Use neutral colors throughout the design and only use primary colors as an accent. Texture is a must to break up the room without patterns. Additionally, furniture must be entirely intentional. Oftentimes, furniture will double as storage space so that there is not anything sitting out in excess. This Super Deal coffee table from Amazon would be perfect for a minimalist style because it holds hidden storage to keep extra books or other supplies out of sight.

Bohemian Style

The boho style embraces color, texture, and patterns in a way that minimalism does not. This is an eclectic approach to decorating. If you have trinkets from other cultures and your adventures that you want to display, this might be the style for you. This gives you the freedom to express yourself however you see fit. Include natural fabrics, furniture accents with bold designs, and different plants to execute your boho vision well. Use statement pieces like this chandelier from Froy. Experiment with some pieces you love and see what you can come up with! This style is all about self-expression, after all.

Modern Farmhouse

Who doesn’t love the romanticized style of the farmhouse interior? Some of the key identifiers of this style include wide plank floors, open concept living, and natural accent pieces. Key colors include mixing natural and metallic tones. Gold, black, and nickel go well when paired with navy blue, sage green, and burnt orange. These paired with rustic, sleek lighting, like this linear chandelier from Westinghouse, build a beautiful home with a cozy feel.

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