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Caring For Your Self Storage Unit

We know how easy it is to get a self storage unit, but did you know it is just as easy to care for your self storage unit? Here are some basic steps you can make when you move into your unit that will keep your items stay in their best condition.

Clean Your Items

If you want to pull items in good condition, then you need to put them in self storage while they’re in good condition. This means you have to clean each item before you put it in storage. Wipe away dust, clean out any stains, and protect with¬†dust covers. If you have any appliances, like refrigerators or freezers, let any ice thaw away and dry before you put them in storage.

Plan For Convenience

As with any project, organization and planning are key. Don’t throw everything into the unit and fish through a sea of stuff when you need something. First, group your items by occasion or type and label them accordingly. As you do this, write a list of inventory to keep so you know exactly what is in storage. Next, make a plan to place these into storage. If you have items you will rarely need, place them in the back of the unit. Anything being taken in and out of storage should be placed in the front for easy access. Make sure you have a walkway that allows you to travel into the back.

Care For Your Unit

Over time, your unit needs a check-in. When you go to check on your units, give the walkway a good sweep. Dust your boxes and furniture. Redistribute any weight on shelves or tall piles. All types of storage can benefit from this kind of TLC but especially long-term rentals.

If you have any questions on storing items, our storage experts are here to help! Check out the closest location to you HERE or give us a call at 1-833-891-9274.

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