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What To Know About Moving To Durham

Moving to Durham, North Carolina, and not sure what to expect? If you like a big city with a college-town feel, this is the city for you! Here is everything you need to know about moving to the Bull City.

Thriving Job Market

Sitting as one corner of the Research Triangle Park and with the prestigious Duke University, it is no surprise this city holds positions for those who love research and innovation. With Duke Health nearby, the city has become a magnet for medical professionals and has evolved into the “City of Medicine.”

Durham Loves To Eat

If there is one city that knows how much power good food has, it is Durham, North Carolina. They value local cooking so much that their downtown district limits the number of chain restaurants they have so that they can favor local joints. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, they have even opened a few in the past year. Check out M Tempura for one of the most unforgettable omakase-style tempura. Looking for barbeque? Head to Picnic and try their fried chicken sandwich. There are restaurants for everyone, and they will put their own flair on traditional classics. What makes these restaurants more special? Many Durham restaurants are dog-friendly! You and your furry friend can spend some quality time in the city as you eat. Check out this list to see which you can bring Fido to!

There Is So Much Nature To See

Durham loves the outdoors. Between Duke Forest and American Tobacco Trail, there is a ton to check out! Read more on one of our earlier blog posts!

If you have made your move to Durham, but you don’t have room for your things, we can help! Visit our Durham location at 3447 N. Roxboro Street and see what we can do for you!

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