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Add Storage To Your Bedroom

Are you living out of a stuffed-up small bedroom? Want to add storage space to your favorite room? Here are some of our favorite ideas to add storage without taking up space.

Rethink Your Closet

Your closet holds more space than you know. Do you have any shelves? Use baskets to hold smaller, lighter items that don’t need to be hung. To create more space on your clothing , try hangers like these from Shein and take advantage of vertical, that is rarely used in this closet space. Use a shoe rack or over-the-door hanger organizer like this one from Walmart and get rid of the mess on the floor. Get creative and see how big your closet really is!

Get a Storage Bench

If you don’t have a storage bench, you might want to invest. It is a great way to hold any extra bedding, pillows, or really anything that is taking up extra space in your house, while looking stylish. Our suggestion? Try this collapsible Wayfair chest and you can take it away as you grow and shrink your collection in the box. Browse through Walmart’s selection of children’s chests to store any toys and avoid stepping on Legos in the future.

Check Under the Bed

Many beds have space underneath that gets left unutilized or unorganized. If your bed is lifted above the ground, consider using that space to hide items you don’t need too often. Baskets or under-the-bed organizers are best to keep that space organized. Consider this set from Amazon that is guaranteed to get things out of sight.

Use Your Headboard

Many don’t see just how many storage spaces your bed can hold. If your headboard is the right kind, it can store a lot! Even a shelving unit can act as a utilitarian headboard like this one from Home Depot to store extra books, trinkets, and whatever else you need.

Still struggling to find storage space in your bedroom? Give us a call! We have secure units at fantastic rates. Give us a call at 1-833-891-9274 to see what we can do for you.

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