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Quick Storage Fixes For Your Bathroom

Living out of a tiny bathroom can be difficult when you need to fit so much. No one likes to fish out their makeup and toiletries from their drawers when they are jumbled together. Here are some ways to make the most of the storage space in your bathroom!

Over-the-Door Shelf

No linen closet, no problem! An over-the-door shelf will keep everything within arm’s reach without taking up too much space. It is easy to install and makes use of space that is just sitting there.  Try this 8-tier adjustable wire over-the-door rack from Target.

Bar Cart

Your cart can serve many purposes! Use your bar cart in the bathroom to hold extra toilet paper, toiletries, or towels. If you don’t have a bar cart already, Walmart offers this cute cart for just under $60.

Hang Your Makeup

Unorganized drawers cluttered with your makeup? Hang them on the inside of your medicine closet! Make it easy with magnetic or sticky strips. You can use this tool from Wayfair to mount your makeup.

Shower Rods

Do you find your shower space is not big enough to fit your shampoo bottles? Use a shower rod to hang caddies and fit all of your shower products. Any shower rod like these $7 rods from Lowes would work!

Storage Ladders

Storage ladders are a stylish solution to keep everything close to the wall and displayed nicely. The ladder’s rungs can be used for folded towels, toilet paper, and boxes of other bathroom necessities. The uses are endless! Try this one from West Elm to take your bathroom to the next level.

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