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Quick Fixes To the Three Biggest Problem Areas in Your House

We all have areas in our homes that end up becoming a dumping ground and therefore unusable. There are small steps you can do now to fix these spaces quickly and keep them operable and orderly. Here are some quick tips for three problem areas in your home!

Crowded Kitchen Drawers

We all have at least one drawer in our kitchens that holds every large utensil and odd-shaped item we use to cook with. It is easy to get your spatulas and ladles mixed up if you do not have a system. USe wide-mouthed mason jars to stick the handle of any long-stemmed tools and keep them assembled smartly. Fit any odd-shaped items in stacks, if possible, and place them along the walls and into any empty spaces.

Stuffed Garage

There are two kinds of people; ones who have an extraordinarily neat garage and ones who have an extraordinarily neat garage. Restrict the areas you allow your things to lie in. Keep your storage space to the perimeter, leaving a clean and clear middle to use functionally. It is also good to make use of any shelves, pegboards, or hand]ging fixtures to maximize your space.


Peter Walsh, bestselling author and professional organizer, says that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time? This can really help when you go through the piles that sit on the floor of your closet. Sift through each item and decide if it is something to keep and hang up. If you haven’t worn it in a year, then you probably never will again. Shed yourself of the clothes you don’t need, and keeping the ones you love will help start your day off right when you get dressed in the mornings.

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