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Must-Have Self Storage Security Features

Safety and security features are something that anyone looking for self storage should add to their must-haves checklist. Take a tour and look for the following to make sure your facility uses top-quality security measures!

Gated Access With Passcode-Protection and Alarms

Limiting access to customers deters unwanted intruders. Passcode-protected gates further restrict access to the property and alert the system that that customer will be accessing their unit soon. This prevents intruders from accessing a unit without a passcode. Ask your storage consultant about alarm features and their security practices.

Facility Is Well-Maintained With Multiple Cameras and Adequate Lighting

Walking around the facility, you should notice multiple cameras around the property. A storage location with cameras and clear, well-lit hallways mark a great facility. When a company puts effort into recording what goes on around the facility, it shows that they prioritize their customers’ safety and well-being.

Accessible, On-Site Employees

How often are the employees on-site? When there are staff members in the facility during the day, they will be on-hand ready to help you with any of your concerns. They should be there to answer any questions you have with a friendly demeanor. As you tour the facility, ask them questions about any of the above security features or anything else you have in mind. The friendliness and professionalism they show you now will indicate how friendly they are in the future.

Take a tour with Right Fit Storage! We use the top-notch security features mentioned above and have staff ready for any storage-related questions you may have. Book your tour online HERE or give us a call at 1-833-891-9274.

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