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Moving To Greensboro? Here’s What You Need To Know

Are you considering moving to Greensboro? Do the mild weather, affordable living, and fantastic culture entice you? Here are some things to know before moving to Greensboro!

The Gate City

Greensboro has the nickname “The Gate City.”  They were dubbed with the pseudonym in the 1890s when they had 60 trains traveling through the city every day. Even though trains are not the most popular transportation mode, Greensboro still represents its nickname by being close to other major hubs. Living in Greensboro means you can easily get to other cities in the Piedmont Triad, like Winston-Salem and High Point, and cities in the Research Triangle, like Durham, Raleigh Chapel Hill. It is the perfect city for those who travel for work or pleasure.

Affordable and Safe Living

Living in Greensboro is cheaper than the average city in the United States and North Carolina. Fortunately, this does not have to mean that the city has to suffer. In 2020, Greensboro was found to be the 12th best-run city in America. Greensboro also lives up to the “green” in its name as an environmentally-friendly city. The local government installs a variety of energy-efficient equipment and appliances, promotes sustainable building practices, and uses hybrid vehicles in their fleet of cars. There is even a Community Sustainability Council to serve as an advisory group to reduce energy emissions and keep this city green.

Something To Do For Everyone

The gate city holds activities for everyone in the family. Greensboro Children’s Museum is a ton of fun for your little ones. The Greensboro Science Center can be enjoyable for all ages. A museum, aquarium, and zoo wrapped all into one; what animal lover could ask for more! Any history buff can brush up on their civil rights knowledge and visit the International Civil Rights Center & Museum. There is a preserved section of the Woolworth counter where the Greensboro Sit-Ins occurred. Greensboro also provides entertainment for sports fans with their Greensboro Coliseum Complex. The complex sees year-round events, including many college basketball games that are happening over the next few months. You can check out some of the free things that Greensboro has to offer 4106 Spring Garden Street.

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