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Contractors Benefit From Self Storage

We all know that self storage holds many benefits for those moving and in the military, but what many don’t know is that self storage can be very beneficial for contractors. Painters, plumbers, construction workers, electricians, and other contractors need an organized, clear space to hold their equipment. Many work out of their vehicle without a proper business space to store their belongings. This leaves you to live unorganized and possibly look unprofessional. Right Fit Storage storage can be a great solution for you!

Lower Costs

A storage unit costs significantly less than a storefront or warehouse does with rent and utilities. Choose a self storage unit and leave room in your budget for other endeavors.

Flexible Options

We offer various sizes, from small lockers to extra large units. The equipment needed for contract work can be too large to hold in a car. Take a look at our storage guide to gauge which size is right for you. Our flexible units include our variety of sizes and our month-to-month rental policies. No long-term contracts holding you down! Rent monthly and use our No Contact Payments for your convenience.

Secure Units

Our locations exhibit first-class amenities to give contractors peace of mind when storing with us. Security cameras are throughout the property to allow our staff to survey. Our gates offer controlled accessed with individual passcode protection.

Easy To Move In

Convenient access hours start at 6 AM to offer contractors a long window to get their day started before showing up for their next project. Our facilities are easy to use because of our free dollies and spacious elevators on the property.

Right Fit Storage offers unique self storage solutions that are perfect for contractors. Give us a call at 1-833-891-9274 to see how we can help you!

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